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Poohburgers is back and she’s good.

I want to quickly update this little blog. Once i’ve explained what happened and how i recovered so far I can start sharing my recipes and healthy life style choices for any others who are interested in finding ways to … Continue reading

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swollen sore boob checked 1 week after lumpectomy

One week after the lumpectomy and it’s been good and bad. nursing a sore boob can get to you and with all the psychological stress on top …it can be hard at times. Worrying about what’s going on inside…is it … Continue reading

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Blue boob baby I love you!

Still exhausted from the day at the theatre today 😉 so can’t type much. Here’s the pics of untouched boob and lumpectomy boob. 2 or  3 lymph nodes removed and the lump removed from one incision. Very sore but on … Continue reading

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Lumpectomy in 6 days….i can’t help counting.

Well I didn’t think I would…but i’m counting. I didn’t think i’d be nervous but I am. I think…the amount of worry and fear that I have carried, the info and the lack of info…the big bad world of ‘oh … Continue reading

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