About me


My name isn’t poohburgers – that’s just something i dreamed about once. Throwing burgers at my parents shouting at them. The burgers were quite literally made of pooh. I enjoyed the dream so much that it became a much loved term. Poohburgers.

I’ve turned this blog into my developments and feelings regarding a cancer diagnosis. It’s called invasive ductal carcinoma, grade 1 oestrogen positive. (invasive DCIS)
Cancer…is really shocking and not everybody has the support they need. It is hard to understand your own feelings – let alone convey them to others.

I’m not there yet but I am embarking on a journey to make my feelings around it positive and to help encourage my body to heal what it needs to heal. I may take a radical approach to healing after the op.

Cancer is my new shit boyfriend.  i usually have shit boyfriends but…yeah this is the real McCoy.

About Me (Me not the website)
I live in Scotland, I look after people for money, I play guitar and write songs, do art. I try to spread the love but I am no buddhist – and don’t try to be one. It’s a dangerous thing to do if you are british, already suffer from remnants of the Victorian stiff upper lip
and don’t know enough about
Writing is one thing i picked up from Zen Habits which has some wonderful articles on the many obstacles and self distructive ways of thinking that we all suffer from. This blog has now become some thing I talk to about having cancer because i was very lonely after deciding to not tell anyone at first.

I will always appreciate feedback.


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