The return of the big fat C word

Well, I was never one to let pride get in the way of being honest.

I thought I was going to be clear of cancer for a bit longer than 2 years.

I haven’t been able to look back on it, or think about it I was so desperate to be ok again.

Ach well.

Found a new lump, in same area as before. Doc has sent a letter to the breast clinic.
And so the shit ball starts rolling on.
I had such a scare from the cancer i started changing my life and started studying and am just about to apply for Uni. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish the year…and I just let my band know that I may not be able to play banjo and go on the tour.

The only thing, and i mean the ONLY thing that keeps me going at this point is the idea that i might get new boobs at the end, by getting a double mastectomy. But my luck is dry, and the nhs may come up with some shit reasons why they would rather do a small op and leave me with another dent in my boob, this time it might be more noticeable as the one i had left before was only noticable by me.

I feel I must report back to my poohburgers blog…for the sakes of people who come across it and are trying to make decisions or looking at options.

I haven’t told anyone yet. that’s the way i dealt with it last time and it worked for me, so I’m hoping that i can get as far as having new boobs and then i will just turn up one day and go TA DAAAAHHHH look! I’ve got massive tits that defy gravity.

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