Poohburgers is back and she’s good.

I want to quickly update this little blog. Once i’ve explained what happened and how i recovered so far I can start sharing my recipes and healthy life style choices for any others who are interested in finding ways to heal inside and out in order to reduce the risk of recurrance (immune system fail) and metastatic cancer. (cancer cells spreading)

As you will have seen I wanted to avoid crazy radiotherapy and was therefor pressed to try to improve my health and mind as much as I could. Choosing to not take the standard treatment leaves you on your own, with no way of knowing how you are doing with regards to fighting off cancer. However I must point out to those who just read that, that also doing all the things I’ve done leaves you with such a wonderful improvement in life on so many levels – that you can feel inside ‘ in your heart’ that this is what you needed to do.


i’m in this pic, in Ubud in a Hindu evening celebration.

If I was a levitating guru, who only talked of love and had forgiven all those who hurt me, and was doing what I wanted to be doing in life….then actually yeah hypothetically I would have taken the radiotherapy. Although in real life, someone in that state would probably rather go with it and meditate about healing or dealing with mortality.


So months ago I posted pictures with
The blue dye, and the hard lump.
It is 4 months later and I can only say now that the blue dye has faded to nearly nothing now. A couple of weeks ago it was still there a bit and enough to piss me off. Thankgod it’s finally gone.

The lump is nearly gone – only i can feel it by feeling it directly. With regards to someone else feeling my boob – no way would they feel it. With regards to nerves growing back and sensation – erm…maybe about 50% to 75%, I can feel hot and cold very well but if i dig my nail in at certain areas it feels numb. This doesn’t matter – my whole boob has enough sensation to do without a little bit.
As for a dent – there is no dent… I can see a tiny change in the way it is flat there but – again – not enough that i should worry about it.  So, the only thing left is
That goddamn awful scar. I wont lie about it i’m very fucked off about that. I asked and was promised i mean, really really promised again and again that it would be in the area that we all agreed on with a big fat marker pen.  Of course, when i woke up it was inches away from that mark and also in a different direction – this meaning that i cannot hide the scar and it sits there telling everybody i’ve had breast cancer including myself. When you’ve been through that kind of hell  – and you want to look forward….  that is actually a serious problem. I’m very angry with the surgeon. I went back to tell him and he fobbed me off.


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