Eye health chunky


Edinburghs natural Black berries  one banana one apple two grapefruits mint leaves soaked chia and pumpkin seeds one lemon kale pak choi and spring onion. After the zinc in kale and vitamin c for eye health as they’ve been stinging and twitchy lately. Could be me not drinking Black tea any more which is as good as it is bad for you. Makes my pee acidic and sting though so got to give it up. Trying to get off caffeine and acidic foods as they create breeding grounds for cancer along with sugar.

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3 Responses to Eye health chunky

  1. Angie T. says:

    Did you do that on a blender?

    • poohburgers says:

      A blender works fine but I do ‘chunkies’ in food processor so that I can aid the digestion fully by chewing on the small bits. Its always been my belief that smooooooth smoothies and in fact all fruit drinks are too quick for the stomach. Teeth and saliva enzymes and acids are essential to get full digestion of all food. Xxxx also blenders have a smaller blade area so doing leaves takes longer x

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