a wrap up from op to today 3 weeks later

Well i’m going back to work today. It’s been 3 weeks. The shooting nudging and many other weird pains all stopped about 4 -5 days ago.
I feel I am ready for work – but of course not looking foward to looking after someone else. I’m sooo much better than I was, a lot of worry and stress has gone away and will surely continue to do so. I’m opting out of radio therapy and tamoxifen and going for a raw food diet and if I can find any – I’ll try more racial approaches to healing the body.
My scar is fading well, just a tiny amount of blueness around boob not worth mentioning really. The tissue under the scar feels like solid flesh, really hard square feeling large lump. I’m told this will soften and it would only have to soften a wee bit and Id be happy because it’s not that bad, it doesn’t show much. My boob is ever so slightly misshapen but I think that’s because of the lump. We shall see.
i’m going back to the hospital in a couple of days to talk to radiotherapis so will be reading up on facts before i do. I will probably tell them I’m not doing it but want the genetic test and am still considering full double masectomy.
The docs tried to tell me this wouldn’t stop cancer from appearing elsewhere in my body – only tamoxifen could hope to help that but – that doesn’t mean a double masectomy wouldn’t greatly help my chances of not getting cancer again in my boobs and spreading else where.

I don’t mind being chopped up a bit – I mind toxic poisons and waves destroying my body with chances of nasty complications, hormone blockers bringing on a very early menopause and life changing effects like that.
I don’t need my friends as much – they certainly seem to not be worried now – the worry of it returning or indeed not being completely gone from my body is a very real worry that I am  going to have to learn to live with and also try not to let it worry me too much.

My journey now becomes about eating the healthiest diet known to man – that is going to be incredibly hard and rewarding. I’ll have lots of recipies and info about it all too and will follow the changes that happen.

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2 Responses to a wrap up from op to today 3 weeks later

  1. jenny says:

    I really like your blog, are you going to be doing another post? I am in a similar situation..

    • poohburgers says:

      Ho there. ..I replied by writing a new post. It’s badly written…. I’m exhausted. … But I’m going to start writing again at the weekend. Thanking you for asking darling xxxxx

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