food for cancer or hashimotos

so as my previous blogs will tell you…

i was eating my way to a better thyroxine count after four weeks on the diet plan from The Immune System Recovery Plan by Susan Blum, M.D,. M.P.H.

tests had come back with shocking shining colours that after ten years of no change…i suddenly have to drop my intake of synthetic thyroxine by nearly 50% so – then i found a lump and i’ve been a bit distracted. but i am not tempted to go back to gluten or dairy after these wonderful results and of course my belly no longer hurts and toilet visits are totally normal again 🙂


food for cancer.and or hashimotos

well i don’t fucking know yet but…

i’ve read that i should be eating

almonds (that’s good cos i use almond milk instead of dairy)
essiac tea
Pau d’Arco (don’t know what that is yet)
tonnes of water. good water. ( i can’t afford to)
organic (i can’t afford to but going to sacrifice everything in order to try)

i will be adding to this list and updating the research i do on these products.

so far….i’m keeping the elimination diet (no gluten soy corn dairy) mostly but going organic cos i think that’s a cancery thing to do.

wpid-20140415_175201.jpg wpid-20140417_185810.jpgthis is romanian broccoli and purple cauliflower. they are organic and from Earthy (health/organic shop in edinburgh) and they are lush with quorn or pasta and pesto…or sesame seeds and gluten free noodles..cashew nuts…different combos…

wpid-20140413_150903.jpgthis is dairy free, gluten free choc chip and oat cookies using avocado instead of butter which is a thing you can do. 🙂

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